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Our signature services are designed to deliver complete client satisfaction. But that's only part of our commitment. In addition, we deliver live client support without the runaround. When you need help, we're here every day. Every step of way.

Guard Service

Whether the need is for short-term or for long-term guard coverage our guard team members come equipped with computer tablets and submit their reports online complete with photos.

Vehicle Patrol

Designed as an all round utility for special tasks such as building lock up/open, and nightly closure of amenities, vehicle patrol is the cost-effective alternative to standing guard service.

Parking Management

Our parking management solution organizes resident and guest parking and relieves property management of the administrative burden of visitor passes and enforcement.

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Whether you are looking for on-site security guards, vehicle patrol or parking management, we invite you to call us for a quote. You'll be glad you did. We serve all of Southern California.

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